Our Products

Our Products

  1. Global Business Corporation (GBC)


    A GBC is allowed to be locally incorporated or be registered as a branch of a foreign company. The main activities of a GBC are effected outside Mauritius but the Company is also allowed to do business in Mauritius (incidental to other markets), deal with residents of Mauritius and hold shares or other interests in a Mauritius resident corporation under certain conditions.

    A GBC is tax resident in Mauritius and therefore subject to tax. It is eligible to benefit from the network of Double Tax Treaties that Mauritius has ratified with a number of countries.

  2. Authorised Company (AC)

    An AC is a flexible business entity commonly used for holding and managing private assets, international investment holding, international trading and consultancy services and ideal for one-off projects.

    AC are treated as non-resident for tax purposes in Mauritius, if it place of effective Management is outside Mauritius. AC does not have access to Mauritius’ tax treaty network.

  3. Funds

    Funds are incorporated under the Companies Act 2001 of Mauritius and are licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission under the provisions of the Financial Services Act 2007 and Securities Act 2005.

    Mauritius has been highly successful in attracting a large pool of reputed international Fund managers to structure their Funds in the country.

  4. Trusts

    Mauritius Trusts are governed by The Trusts Act 2001 (the “Act”). A trust is a flexible vehicle which can be structured to assist a parent or individual in alignment of their objectives or/and ambitions.

    A Trust has a wide variety of uses and benefits, which may include:

    • Asset protecting and ring-fencing
    • Estate planning / transmission
    • Asset holding/ Immovable Property
    • Structured finance
  5. Special Licences in Mauritius

    The Mauritian economy offer sophisticated products, services which are instrumental in driving investments and growth.

    Mauritius has a wide selection of licence types available to specialist financial service providers looking to set up and do business in the country.

  6. Seychelles IBC

    International Business Company (IBC) is a corporation incorporated under the Seychelles law.  A Seychelles IBC is exempt from any form of tax and withholding taxes in Seychelles. An IBC is a versatile legal structure and can be used to conduct any normal business.

    As a tax-exempt company, the IBC cannot avail from tax treaty benefits with reference to tax treaties Seychelles have enacted.

  7. Domestic Company

    A Domestic Company is registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and governed under the Companies Act 2001.

    A Domestic company can be set up for various activities including Trading, Investment Holding, and Consulting Services amongst others. The activities can be conducted with residents of Mauritius as well as with non-residents of Mauritius.

  8. Foundations

    Foundation in Mauritius are governed by the Mauritius Foundations Act 2012 (the ‘Foundations Act’) and managed by the Foundation Council which carries out the objectives and purposes of a Foundation.

    Foundation is a legal entity without shareholder and member but with beneficiaries. A Foundation has some common features with a Trust and a Corporate entity.

  9. MITCO Cote d'Ivoire

    MITCO COTE D’IVOIRE provides support to new and existing clients willing to expand their business in Côte d’Ivoire as well as in other African countries and internationally via Mauritius.

    Our Services include: