May 15, 2018

Cultural Diversity of Mauritius

Like many countries in the world, the Labour Day is celebrated on the 1st May in Mauritius as well and this year marks the 80th anniversary of the annual labour day commemoration in our country. It is on the 1st May 1950 that the Labour Day was declared an office public holiday in Mauritius.

The main objective of the Labour Day is the celebration of the socio-economic achievements of the working class and to place the labour force on the forefront. The Mauritian workers, who for many years had struggled for their social, political and economic rights, deserve this special day for their contribution to the economy of Mauritius.

With the implementation of a minimum wage policy by the Government of Mauritius in January 2018, all low-pay workers now have the right to a minimum wage per month, thereby improving their purchasing power. The minimum wage will be reviewed every five years with respect to the economic situation of the country.