August 14, 2018

The Banyan Tree House – The unique holiday project of Mr. and Mrs. Webb

We have asked Mr. and Mrs. Webb to share their experience with us.

It all started in 2014 when the couple was driving along the Eastern coast of Mauritius where they visited Anahita Mauritius (“Anahita”), a residential project developed and commercialised by Alteo Properties, under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS).

Anahita is a wide 213 hectares estate extending along 6 km of coastline, bordering the largest lagoon of the island. With its prestigious residential offer and hospitality experience, Anahita has become the most renowned destination in the region, encompassing two 5-star Resorts (Anahita Golf & Spa and Four Seasons Resort Mauritius), an incredible 18-hole golf course designed by Ernie Els as well as a collection of properties available for resale or off plan.

Mr. and Mrs. Webb wanted to design their own house. Fortunately, Anahita was selling plots of land and provided that opportunity to non-residents under the IRS scheme i.e. to buy a plot of land and build their house with a cahier des charges, within 5 years.

The Mauritian adventure started for the couple who subsequently decided to acquire a plot of land located at the heart of an exquisite natural environment, the golf course and a preserved green space to create their ideal home in accordance with their expectations and inspirations.

Mr. Eric Chavoix of Eric Chavoix Architects, a major figure of architecture, was chosen to design the famous Banyan Tree Villa for Mr. and Mrs. Webb. The villa was named after the two banyan trees located in the courtyard.

The modern villa is U-shaped and was designed with a focus on day and night lighting in addition to a back and front kitchen, while at the same time offering as much privacy as possible.

Our villa offers a visual contact from every room and it is a fantastic way to stay connected” said Mr. and Mrs. Webb.

This project was not only a first-hand experience for Mr. and Mrs. Webb but also for Anahita as the Project Manager, for Mr. Eric Chavoix as the architect and the team involved in the construction of the villa.

Unfortunately, there have not only been happy days; as any construction project, they were liable to some delays.  In the case of the Banyan Tree House, the project was delayed by a few months mainly due to external factors like weather conditions and suppliers not delivering required materials within the prescribed timeframe. Nevertheless, “The result was worth the wait” said Mr. and Mrs. Webb!

To make this project successful, Mr. and Mrs. Webb also benefited from the guidance and support of various teams of professionals including MITCO Group and The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (“MCB Ltd”).

MITCO Group had advised and implemented an appropriate corporate structure for the acquisition of the land and development of the property, as well as providing project management guidance, administration assistance and accounting services beyond completion of the property.

The financing side of the project was handled by the Private Banking department of MCB Ltd.

Both teams of professionals led by Ms. Wendy Kong (MITCO Group) and Mrs. Darshini Sunkur (MCB - Private Banking) were proactive and attentive to our needs.  “Without their devotion, advice and availability, this project would surely not have been a success” mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Webb.

When asked if they would start another adventure of this kind, Mr. and Mrs. Webb replied definitely ‘YES’.

This adventure was not only one of our dreams, but also a beautiful and enriching experience not only for reconciling an investment project with our holidays, but also in terms of personal experience and precious relationship we have built.