January 16, 2018

Values of the CIEL Group and MITCO

With the reaffirmation of the purpose and the core values, CIEL Group encourages the companies under its banner for a call-to-action to “Go Beyond” by sharing ideas, embrace diversity, connect with others, do the right thing and work smart.

As MITCO is a subsidiary of CIEL Finance, the values of the CIEL Group have already been imbedded in our core values:

  • Integrity


We act with respect and take full accountability.

  • Commitment


We are committed to provide excellence as a service provider, business partner and employer.

  • Professionalism


We strive to achieve sustainable success for our clients, our partners and stakeholders in a cost-efficient way.

  • Creativity


We constantly seek better ways to deliver services maximizing the client’s opportunities for success.

  • Entrepreneurship


We understand entrepreneurial challenges, and know what makes successful entrepreneurs in all markets.

With the call-to-action of CIEL Group to “Go Beyond”, MITCO is set to challenge the status quo in servicing our clients with a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience internationally and long-standing business relationships with professional partners worldwide.