December 19, 2019

A brief on one of our clients, DEI SOLUTIONS LTD

DEI is a turn-key imaging partner, and it is committed to turning priceless moments into timeless memories. Headquartered in Dubai since 2004, DEI experienced explosive growth over the past 15 years.


Today, it has regional offices in Orlando, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. Equipped with a team of 1850 professionals, it is a market leader in 16 countries with a presence at over 200+ attractions.


DEI’s solutions are built on ‘enterprise-wide’ technology, focused on aggregating images across attractions, and for every individual guest. As part of the prestigious Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, it is always seeking innovative ways to transform a guest’s experience across theme parks, amusement parks, attractions, events, and resorts.


Some of its proprietary technologies include RideRex - proprietary ride camera technology; XLfie - the pioneering way to click Extra Large selfies; TriX - an immersive augmented reality experience and ezFlip – a LED display with integrated Chroma Key capabilities.


The Mauritian adventure

DEI set sails for the picturesque backdrop of Mauritius in 2018, with an aim to expand its resort photography program. Within 2 years, it’s already associated with a few marquee resorts including The St. Regis Mauritius, Anantara Iko Resort, Sugar Beach and the Shanti Maurice Resort and Spa among others.


It provides a bouquet of bespoke photography services involving Drone Photography, Wedding Photography, Family Photography, Events Photography, and Portrait Shoots to capture enchanting moments whilst delivering them using proprietary software, Mobile Apps, and Websites. Its Wedding Photography Program covers a wide range of aspects Proposals to Décor and Preparations to the actual Ceremony.


DEI believes in empowering the local talent and giving them an opportunity for career growth and international exposure. Our operational team comprises of 100% local Mauritians, who are highly trained professionals working towards our philosophy of providing the guests with a memorable vacation experience.