November 26, 2019

CIEL Innovation Awards 2019: MITCO’s Project – The One 2 One Coaching Program

The MITCO’s project, the One 2 One Coaching program was nominated as one of the finalists for the CIEL Group’s Innovation Awards 2019 - Category ‘Best Quality Circle Project’.


The One 2 One is a tailor-made coaching program conceived to fit the specific needs of the employee and the Company in a sector which is highly competitive and constantly evolving. The purpose behind the program is to enable the Company to implement culture changes aligned to its vision and values to engage, grow and retain talented people with sustained levels of high performance.


The One 2 One coaching program is on a digitalised platform which proposes a structured curriculum with a list of topics to be covered and skills to be mastered over the course of a year for each category of employee. The program kicks in if low performance is noted for an employee or at time of onboarding a new employee.


Progress made by the employee is monitored and assessed on a quarterly basis through a report completed by both the coach and the coachee. The coach provides constructive feedback to the coachee while allowing the latter to also voice out any concerns he/she might have on the job.


The MITCO Team namely Poonam, Chitra, Hansini, Smita, Uttra and Yajna was just an amazing team which during months prepared themselves for this first Innovation Awards 2019.  “Could not have asked for a better team. The endless brainstorming, the long rehearsals and the fits of laughter are memories to be treasured. Seeing it all come together, presenting on stage before the Ciel group and ending to rapturous applause felt incredible” Smita said.


The team had an emotionally rich experienced which will be difficult for them to forget.

Poonam said “The connections we made with the other participants were amazing! I think we will be great resources and support systems for each other as we share best practices. At the end of day, it’s a win-win for all; the Group, our individual businesses and our clients. Really thankful to the organizing team for these types of initiatives which really force us to GO BEYOND


The Ciel Innovation Award 2019 was also a good opportunity to strengthen the team spirit within MITCO Group but within the CIEL Group.  Hansini mentioned “Great teamwork and cooperation among the team members! The participation of MITCO in this award strengthened the sense of belonging to the company” and Yajna strongly believed that this was gateway for MITCO to be more visible within the CIEL Group and to encourage synergies with all the clusters of the Group.


The versatile nature of the One 2 One coaching program makes it easily adaptable to any job profile. It has been implemented across all business units at MITCO and can similarly be adopted across all the five clusters of the Ciel Group.