May 24, 2019

CIEL Limited joins the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index (SEMSI)

We are pleased to announce that CIEL Limited is officially listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index (SEMSI) since Friday 29 March. CIEL’s listing on the SEMSI was awarded by the Supervisory Committee of The Mauritius Stock Exchange, signifying recognition of CIEL’s sustainable development approach.

The Group received an overall score of 80.34% in the 4 categories – Good Governance, Economy, Environment and Social – indicating a commendable performance overall. In recent years, integrating sustainable development as a management practice has been a priority for CIEL.

The Group has set up a governance structure focused on sustainable development in its five clusters and a Corporate Sustainability Committee which is a sub-committee of CIEL Board of Directors.

For more information on the activities implemented by the Group, please see the 2018 Initiatives Booklet on: