March 19, 2019

Quality services at the heart of MITCO a unique customer experience

Our staffs are being trained and empowered at all levels to adopt the feedback culture via several ongoing initiatives. Recently, a tailormade training programme was organized at the Long Beach Resort which forms part of the Sun Group (also part of Ciel) to equip our staff with relevant skills to create a value added and unique experience for our clients. The training was focused on “customer experience” through which our staff indulged in the core service of the resort throughout the day for hands on learning. Face to face interactions were held with each department of the resort. Every team’s aim and efforts in achieving client satisfaction was critically analysed. Take-aways of the programme are now being adapted by management to be implemented and cultivated in the MITCO culture with an aim to overcome every single weakness and achieve an excellent level of client satisfaction.

Several communication platforms have been established in the meantime to ensure the following:

  • Identification of specific client needs;
  • Quicker response time;
  • Fixing of client concern within a reasonable timeframe;
  • Assistance to client in respecting local laws and regulations to be in good standing; and
  • Establishment of a client complaints management procedure.

We encourage our clients to reach out to any of our officers from Client Relationship Officers up to the relevant field Directors should you face any drop in the service level.