April 29, 2020

AZUR Digital Ltd: Your partner for the development of your e-commerce platform

The current lockdown situation has unveiled the critical importance of having an e-commerce channel in place. Whether to buy food and medicines, replace a home appliance or simply spend time browsing and shopping, the COVID-19 outbreak has turned consumers to online platforms, many for the first time.


Businesses continuity during lockdown


This trend, which is likely to last in time, is forcing traditional retailers to rethink their channel mix and find new routes-to-consumers in order to ensure business continuity and clear their excess of stock. As an example, an online ‘store of stores’ was launched in Jersey to help local businesses survive by continuing to sell their goods and services during the COVID-19 crisis.

Mauritius is no exception to this trend, which sees the rise of many new online services, as well as alliances between retailers and online players to maintain some form of trading during the store closure.


Partnership versus own e-commerce channel


Mauritius is actually the highest ranked e-commerce-ready country in Africa. The current local e-commerce offering is however limited and lags the demand, turning Mauritian shoppers to international sites such as Amazon, AliExpress and eBay.


This void has allowed pure players (as opposed to brick & mortar retailers) such as priceguru.mu to grow and expand across categories, offering local businesses a rapid and cost-effective option to sell online in the context of COVID-19. One important downside for a retailer however, is the handover to the marketplace of customers which have been acquired over the years at the expense of sustained efforts and investments.


Equally, the physical store, which is a pivotal asset and differentiator in the retailer’s mix, would not benefit from listing products on the marketplace, as the two channels would be disjointed. These downsides would no longer apply in the case the retailer has an own e-commerce website and implement an omnichannel strategy.


How omnichannel commerce help businesses win


Azur Digital Ltd (“Azur”) is the pioneer consulting firm specialising in digital transformation in the Middle East and Africa. They help Mauritian businesses increase sales and customer lifetime value by introducing new experiences across digital and physical channels. By tackling in unison operations, people and technology, Azur enable omnichannel and customer-centric experiences allowing customers to browse, purchase and engage seamlessly through their channel of choice.


Omnichannel strategies generate superior business value and increase customer engagement and loyalty by allowing them to continue shop and engage 24/7, in and outside the store. Implementing an omnichannel shopping experience is increasingly a must-have requirement to attract and recruit younger generations.


E-commerce Accelerator


Azur has helped renowned Mauritian groups, such as Ascensia, Axess, BlueSky, BrandActiv, Espace Maison, Grays and Winner’s, to confidently progress on their digital transformation journey. Drawing on their extensive experience rolling out e-commerce for market leaders, Azur has designed with their technology partner Esokia, a turnkey solution allowing Mauritian brick & mortar retailers to trade online within weeks. Esokia is an international digital agency, founded in 2009, specialising in e-commerce and mobile and web development with a successful track-record in supporting major European and Mauritian companies.


Expanding your reach


The e-commerce Accelerator ambitions to set our clients on long-term omnichannel trajectory. It allows expanding the catchment area, acquiring new clients and increasing the store footfall.


This unique turnkey solution has been designed to drive incremental sales by enabling more repeat clients and also tapping into other regional markets through cross-border e-commerce.


Times of uncertainty are also times of opportunities.


For more information on Azur Digital Ltd, please feel free to send an email to contact@azuredigital.com or visit the website on https://azurdigital.mu


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