December 22, 2020

CIEL Finance Innovation Contest & Awards 2020



In-line with the vision of Ciel Finance to promote and encourage an innovative culture within the group. Ciel Finance has put in place an Innovation Contest with purpose to stimulate Innovative ideas and their transformation into projects at each structure of Ciel Finance.


The Innovation Award aims to be the platform and structure to challenge the status quo and generate ideas.


The objectives


  • Provide opportunities for learning and experiential workshops (to encourage participants to meet and work together in teams)
  • Empowerment of our people to develop their potential
  • Instil a culture of innovation across our companies
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Improve Sales & Operational Efficiency
  • Encourage the companies to implement an innovation framework for transforming ideas into projects.


MITCO Participation to CFL Innovation Awards


This year, MITCO has participated in the CIEL Finance Innovation Awards 2020 and won the 1st place in the category of Crisis Responsiveness Award for our project ‘Webinars – connecting differently’ and the 2nd place in the Customer Experience Award for ‘Client Portal – Customer Empowerment’ and Operational Excellence Award for ‘Live Accounting’.  These are all exciting new projects which we look forward to introducing to you in 2021, amongst many other initiatives to serve you better.