April 29, 2020

Kepler Holding: A typical digital company to assist your organisation in its digital transformation

The lockdown calls for teleworking and team collaboration tools. Many organisations currently realise the need for good tools to maintain their productivity levels and efficient teamwork as well as offering digital solutions to their clients.


Kepler Holding, with 25 years of experience in cross border services, is a typical digital company. With its headquarter based in Mauritius, production centers in Madagascar, Algeria, and Romania, online collaboration within the group and with clients, is part of their DNA.


How Kepler Holding can assist your organisation?


  1. Put in place collaboration tools to keep in touch
  2. Put in place team efficiency tools to manage knowledge and limit emails
  3. Secure and automate your processes
  1. Help with your daily load


Today, more than ever, your organisation needs to embrace the digitalisation process and Kepler Holding is the go-to company which can manage this project for you.

For more information, please feel free to contact Mrs. Marie Sarraute on marie.sarraute@kepler-bpo.com