November 24, 2020

Mauritius Introduces Premium Travel Visa for Long Stays

Mauritius has introduced a Premium Travel Visa which is free of charge for a period of one year (renewable) as a possible alternative to mitigate the risk of being exposed since Mauritius is considered as being Covid-Safe.


While a number of European countries are presently in lockdown and winter season is around the corner, Mauritius is an ideal destination to consider for the coming months. It allows expatriates to reside on the island over a period of more than three months, or to run their existing business remotely after completing a 14-day compulsory quarantine stay. The aim of the quarantine period is to help preserving the status of Mauritius COVID-Safe destination.


Who are eligible to apply for the premium travel visa for long stays?


Any person from the list of countries identified by the Economic Development Board such as France, South Africa, Spain, Greece, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom, Botswana , Gabon, Japan, China, USA, Italy, Kenya, Hong Kong among others.


Eligible applicants should provide satisfactory proof of sufficient travel and health insurance, as well as detailed long stay plans for the entire period of intended stay, as well as satisfying the below criteria:


  • applicants should not enter the Mauritius Labour Market
  • the main place of business and source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius
  • documentary evidence to support the application such as purpose of visit, accommodation
  • other basic immigration requirements


Contact details :


For more information, feel free to contact your relationship manager at MITCO or the business development team on .