February 27, 2020

Mauritius participates in the UK-Africa Investment Summit

Mauritius participated, on the 20th January 2020, in the first ever UK-Africa Investment summit which was hosted by the United Kingdom (UK) in London.  Other attendees were business leaders from the legal and financial services sector as well as UK-based companies operating in Africa.


The summit was aimed at developing new avenues for promoting trade and investment between the UK and Africa, and at creating partnerships to result in more jobs and eventually more growth for both UK and Africa. Mauritius seized this opportunity to share its orientation for the coming years and the best practices that it has adopted, as an ideal International Financial Centre and Business Hub, to work towards a more prosperous Africa.


Invest Africa is a leading business and investment networking platform which aims at providing exposure to business opportunities in Africa.


Mauritius also participated in other high-level meetings with London based group of companies, including global banks, family offices, law firms and pharmaceutical companies.