February 27, 2020

The Mauritius Government Programme 2020 - 2024

The Government Programme (GP) was presented by the President of the Republic, Mr. Roopun, at the National Assembly on 24th January 2020. The measures of the Government shall aim at steering the economy in the league of high-income countries, driven by technology and innovation and bringing higher levels of growth, equality and shared prosperity.


Government’s economic growth strategy is:

  • to lay strong foundations for the future economy;
  • to develop the entrepreneurs and workforce of the future;
  • to adapt its industrial and trade policies;
  • to secure strong macroeconomic fundamentals; and
  • to drive an elaborate Economic Planning Agenda.


In this respect, the Government will implement strong policies towards Industry 4.0 with investments in cutting edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, robotics, blockchain and Internet of Things. Infrastructure such as technology parks, innovation labs and country wide 5G connectivity shall be introduced. Legislation shall be developed and enforced to consolidate cyber security, to encourage online and cashless transactions, to promote an open data culture and further to democratise access to high-speed internet shall be implemented.


Youth led startups shall be promoted. The Government shall enhance its performance to enable Mauritius to rank better globally in the Ease of Doing Business. It will continue to streamline licences and business processes aiming at putting Mauritius among the ten best countries for doing business. Special efforts will be made to ensure timely enforcement of contracts and settlement of commercial disputes.


A centralized repository will be established to enable businesses and relevant public sector agencies to have access to data, licences, permits, and reporting obligations.


The Government shall continue to develop the fintech eco-system in Mauritius. The Bank of Mauritius is currently working on the creation of a central bank digital currency and is further developing a modern technology-driven payment system.


As part of its new trade policies, the Government will use economic diplomacy more intensively. It will leverage agreements already negotiated with trading partners, namely, the USA, Europe, UK, key African nations, China and India.


The Government shall engage in medium-term economic planning. To this end, an Economic Research and Planning Bureau will be set up at the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development. The Bureau will help to translate the Government Programme into an action plan, within which private and public sector operators and institutions will operate. The Bureau will work in collaboration with the economic Development Board (EDB). An Economy Advisory Council will be set up at the EDB to advise on matters relating to the development of the economic landscape.