October 28, 2021

Cyber security Awareness Month at MITCO Group

We invite our Head of IT, Business Process & Project Management, Mr. Jaweed Lallmahomed to provide us with a brief on the initiatives done by MITCO Group during this Cybercity Security Awareness Month.


What is Cyber Security Awareness Month?


Cyber Security Awareness month was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the US Department of Homeland Security in October 2004, as a broad effort to help all Americans stay safe and more secure online. When the Cyber Security Awareness month first began, the awareness efforts centred around advice like updating antivirus twice a year.

In 2021, seventeen years later, in an increasingly connected and digital world, the stakes have changed. It seems that cybercriminals and malicious links creep around every corner. Stories of ransomware attacks and data breaches costing millions of dollars fly by almost constantly. We are all called to focus on the right actions to keep our information secure.


What the initiatives put in place by MITCO?


MITCO recognizes the Cyber Security Awareness Month this October by sharing tips to its employees to stay Cyber secure, both at work and at home. To turn away cyberattacks, all it needs is a little knowledge teamed with critical thinking skills. Concretely what it means, is that our staff are continuously being trained to stay away from any invitation to click on a link from a stranger, or from any weird request from a usually trustworthy source. We educate our staff to easily recognize red flags and actions that they should take to stay safe against criminal attempts to manipulate or influence them into taking actions that aren’t in their best interests or in that of our organization and our valuable clients.


Cyber security is not limited to awareness of malicious mails landing in staff mailboxes but extends to mobile security. An average person spends two and half hours per day on his phone. All that scrolling unfortunately means more opportunities for hackers to sneak in to access personal data or insert malware on the mobile device by enticing one to click on a wrong link. We provide our staff with highlights on mobile device security so that their smart phones do not get outsmarted by hackers. They are mindful of the dangers using free WIFI.


Every employee is a target of a potential cybercrime, and we all at MITCO are conscious that cybercrime is more common than we may be tempted to think. MITCO has embarked on a continuous cyber security awareness training program for its employees. We are confident that this training will empower our employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure both at work and at home, and moreover instil across them, a safety reflex of “Stop, Look, and Think” before any interactions, keeping MITCO as an organization safe from cybercrime.