June 17, 2021

National Budget 2021/2022 - Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry

The Government of Mauritius wants to create a major new manufacturing industry in Mauritius for vaccine and pharmaceutical production. In this respect, they will put in place the following:


  • Encourage private companies to construct purpose-built factories for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices as well as for clinical and pre-clinical trials


  • Developers will be able to benefit from exemption on:

        - Registration duty and land transfer tax

        - Land conversion tax

        - VAT on construction


  • All companies engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices will be eligible to a premium investor certificate.


  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies will be allowed a full tax credit on the costs of acquisition of patents.


  • Companies engaged in the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector will be taxed at 3% instead of 15%.


  • Government will provide a seed capital of Rs 1 billion to the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology for the setting up of a manufacturing plant for the local production of COVID-19 vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.