March 25, 2021

Opening of MitConsult Ltd – Compliance Framework services within MITCO Group

We have recently witnessed a surge in the regulatory exigencies imposed on the Financial Industry with regards to Anti-Money Laundering and the Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT). Companies are accordingly intensifying their efforts to enhance compliance effectiveness in response to these evolving regulatory expectations.


The MITCO Group through MitConsult Ltd focuses on offering tailor-made compliance and regulatory services such as:


  • AML-CFT Compliance Policies

Drafting of AML-CFT Policies and essential AML-CFT Controls within targeted organisations.


  • Business Risk Assessments

It is an obligation for targeted organisations to identify, assess and understand their AML/CFT risk. We work closely with our stakeholders to understand and document their risks through a business risk assessment exercise.


  • Independent AML-CFT Audit Functions

We provide an Independent Audit Function, which is mandatory to monitor and test the organisation’s compliance with its AML-CFT programme, ensure actions are being taken to remedy to deficiencies identified and recommend areas for improvement.


  • AML/CFT Training Courses

Compliance training has become of vital importance for the organisations to understand, apply and ultimately comply with regulatory requirements imposed upon them. Our AML-CFT training is customised to the different needs of all levels of employees, from Money Laundering Reporting Officers, Compliance Officers, Senior Management, client facing employees to newcomers within your organization.


  • Data Protection Compliance

We will assist with the drafting and Implementation of the requisite framework to compile with the Data Protection Laws.


In case you require additional clarification, please feel free to contact your dedicated relationship officer at MITCO or the business development team on or call them on + 230 404 8000.