September 22, 2022

International Property rights index 2022 – Mauritius retains top spot in Africa

Mauritius ranks 1st in Africa and 41st worldwide (2021 ranking: 1st in Africa and 42nd worldwide) in the International Property Rights Index 2022 (IPR Index 2022) published by the Property Rights Alliance in May 2022.


In this year’s assessment, most countries, including Mauritius, suffered a setback in their overall score on the IPR Index, as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic which saw the infringement of freedom of choice, violation of rights and the imposition of more extreme measures in some countries.


The objective of the IPR Index is to provide a comprehensive insight into property rights across the globe. It recognizes the importance of property rights as a pivotal element of a free society. The IPR Index assesses 129 countries and is based on 3 core elements namely the Legal and Political Environment (LP), Physical Property Rights (PPR) and Intellectual Property Rights. These core elements encompass another 11 sub-elements as details below:




To access the full IPR 2022 report on Mauritius, please click Here