February 10, 2022

Veena Jugmohun, celebrates 20 years with MITCO GROUP

Veena has been our Office Attendant over two decades. Starting her career as a messenger; she was one of the few women at that role, back then.

We can tell that Veena is one of the first person we see every morning upon arrival at the office. She serves us tea or coffee with a teaspoon of smile and mixes it with her good mood.


Veena loves to converse with everyone and is caring and compassionate by nature. She's an active participant for our company activities, be it end of year parties, team buildings or charitable activities that we organize.


When Veena started at MITCO, there were only 7 people and today, there is more than 80 employees. She has had the privilege of experiencing the changes and the growth of the Group.


When asked about her views at MITCO Group, Veena stated with a smile: “MITCO is a family. I have always been able to rely on MITCO over the past 20 years, both personally and professionally.”


A big thank you to you Veena, for being there for MITCO. We wish to have you with us for another

20 years!