March 02, 2022

Work-life balance as working mothers

In this world that we are all living, everybody needs to have a healthy lifestyle including a good work-life balance.


Mothers love spending time with their children, families and friends as well as pampering themselves at a spa salon but at the same time they are faced with the ongoing exigencies of the work environment and its constant deadlines.


Whether we work from home, part-time, full time or have a flexible or rigid schedule, it has always been a real struggle for a mother to have the perfect work-life balance. The pandemic-induced lockdown has paved the way for work-from-home which was initially touted to contribute to a healthy work-life balance, especially for working mothers.


  • Vanee Moothoosamy Senior Credit Controller at MITCO and mother of two young kids (2 and half years old and 8 years old) is sharing her experience with us:


Every day is as if we are running a marathon that never ends. The perfect work-life balance is unfortunately not always under our control, for some of us this will depend on our ability to find help, while for others it may come down to scheduling, time management or flexibility. When you are a mother, planning your day is utmost important. 


Women must not forget that self-care is equally important because a happy mother is a happy home.  Always take time to pamper yourself. It takes courage to be a working mom and focus on what is best for you and your family, so a big shout out to all the working moms, kudos to you!! 


  • Avishka Bucktowar, Accountant at MITCO and mother of a young kid 


Working moms are chasing the balance of working a job that they want and being the mom, they envisioned. 


What’s more, the pandemic has left working parents having to find solutions for education and childcare. The windows into their world have been opened for all to see that women are still disproportionately taking care of the housework and children while working. As a result, guilt is permeating everywhere as children spend more time on screens and mothers spend more time on Teams. 


Fortunately, MITCO has helped a lot on working on letting go of this guilt, with flexible working hours, comprehensiveness on taking leaves or exceptional working from home requests.