February 28, 2023

International trademark registration: Mauritius joins the Madrid System

Mauritius becomes the 114th member of the Madrid System on 6 February 2023 when it filed its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol.  This marks yet another milestone for the jurisdiction for it is now possible for investors to get trademark protection in 130 countries* in just a single application.


Over time, Mauritius has consolidated its position as an international financial centre of excellence for the region and in these past years a lot has been done to promote the development of intellectual property in Mauritius.  For instance, in 2017, the government introduced an 8-year income tax exemption for companies set up after 1 July 2017 that are involved in innovation driven activities for the development of intellectual property (IP) assets in Mauritius or on the income derived by a company from IP assets developed in Mauritius after 10 June 2019. The exemption starts as from the year in which the company starts its innovation driven activities.


MITCO can assist in the establishment of companies for investors wishing to develop and/or hold their IP assets in Mauritius.  Please get in touch with us on bd@mitcoworld.com for more information on how we can assist.


*For the full list of the countries, please click here