January 30, 2023

Mauritius and UAE to enter into a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)

In January 2023, the Government of Mauritius agreed to the Terms of References that establish the foundation and scope for the negotiation of a CEPA with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The CEPA will cover Trade in Goods, Rules of Origin, Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation, Trade Remedies, Investment Facilitation, Trade in Services amongst others. As of date, the UAE is an important trading partner for Mauritius, especially for imports of mineral fuels, oils and distillation products. During the year 2021, trade flows between Mauritius and UAE were as follows:


Trade flows

Values (USD)

Mauritius imports from UAE

USD 443.42m

Mauritius exports to UAE

USD 24.3m

(Source: Trading Economics)


It is expected that the CEPA will further facilitate stronger trade and commercial ties between both countries. Stay tuned for more information about the CEPA.