Domestic Company

A Domestic Company is registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and governed under the Companies Act 2001.

A Domestic company can be set up for various activities including Trading, Investment Holding, and Consulting Services amongst others. The activities can be conducted with residents of Mauritius as well as with non-residents of Mauritius.

Where the Company is controlled by non-citizens of Mauritius and its main activities are conducted outside of Mauritius, it will have to apply for a Global Business Licence (GBL).

Since a Domestic Company is tax residence in Mauritius, it is eligible to benefit from the network of Double Tax Treaties that Mauritius has ratified with a number of countries.

MITCO Corporate Services Ltd can assist you with the set up and administration of a domestic company.

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Technical Sheet for Domestic Company

How MITCO can help?

  • Assistance for registration of the Company with ROC
  • Act as Company Secretary
  • Provision for resident directorship and registered office address
  • Provision of company secretarial & administration and accounting services
  • Assistance with the licence/ permit for operations
  • Assistance with the recruitment process and payroll of professionals;
  • Assistance in search of investments and financing;
  • Assistance to find an office in Mauritius; and
  • Assistance for occupation and residence permits


How to proceed

For further information, you are kindly requested to contact us and we shall be pleased to assist you.