Seychelles IBC

International Business Company (IBC) is a corporation incorporated under the Seychelles law.  A Seychelles IBC is exempt from any form of tax and withholding taxes in Seychelles. An IBC is a versatile legal structure and can be used to conduct any normal business.

As a tax-exempt company, the IBC cannot avail from tax treaty benefits with reference to tax treaties Seychelles have enacted.

Common uses of an IBC

  • Asset holding and investments
  • International trading
  • International consulting
  • Re-invoicing

Related Resources / Features of a Seychelles IBC

Technical Sheet for Seychelles IBC


  • Assistance with the setting up of a Seychelles IBC
  • Assisting with the search of investments and financing
  • Administration and Accounting services of the Company

How to proceed

For further information, you are kindly requested to contact us and we shall be pleased to assist you.

MITCO Ltd in the Seychelles may assist you in setting up a Seychelles IBC.