Business Center, Payroll and Relocation

Payroll services

  • Regulatory Advice with reference to your human resource needs
  • Computation of Pay As You Earn (“PAYE”)
  • Preparation of monthly payroll and payslip
  • Preparation and submission of monthly statutory obligations.
  • Preparation of standing orders or transfer instructions and liaising with the bank pertaining to the payment of the salaries
  • Submission of annual return of employees to the local tax authorities
  • Preparation of annual statement of emoluments
  • Preparation of monthly declarations to the National Pension Fund and the social security authorities
  • Preparation of the annual tax declaration to the Mauritius Revenue Authority

Physical Office Services

  • Assistance to find an office space on lease or as an acquisition in Mauritius
  • Assistance in the finalisation of the lease agreement
  • Assistance to seek authorization from relevant authorities to acquire a property in Mauritius for business purposes

Relocation services

Advisory services

  • to accompany, guide and advise the client


Open our network

  • to provide clients with reliable and professional contacts


Assist with the importation of personal belongings:

  • 1. Correspondence with freight forwarder agent which shall assist the client for the transport   from country of origin to Mauritius, custom clearance and to residence in Mauritius
  • 2. Assistance and preparation of all necessary documents for the clients
  • 3. Communication and correspondences of all necessary documentation/information to freight forwarder agent


Importation of your pets in Mauritius:

  • 1. Assistance with the formalities, from permit to kennelling to quarantine
  • 2. Submit the application to the authority
  • 3. Follow up with the authority


Admission of children to school:

  • 1. Assistance with school search
  • 2. Assistance to complete all the necessary forms for school admission
  • 3. Liaise with school on behalf of the client


Rental, leasing, buying a vehicle:

  • 1. Provide the list of dealerships in Mauritius
  • 2. Arrange for visits and meetings
  • 3. Assistance to the client to prepare the necessary documentation for project
  • 4. Assistance for financing/leasing


Insurance facilities:

  • 1. Assistance for medical cover, personal insurance, car insurance and home insurance and third-party liability
  • 2. Provide the list of insurance companies/ brokers
  • 3. Arrange for meeting with the selected agents
  • 4. Assistance to the client to prepare all the necessary documents for insurance facilities


Private Bank Account

  • 1. Provide the list of banks in Mauritius
  • 2. Organise for meetings with selected banks
  • 3. Assistance to the client to prepare all the necessary documents


Personal Tax Declaration

  • 1. Application for Tax Account Number (TAN)
  • 2. Annual personal tax declaration
  • 3. Application for certificate of income


Staff resourcing



  • Provide access to a pool of individual directors who can act as Resident Non-Executive, as well as Executive directors and whose main duty will be to act in good faith and in the best interests of the company


Functional experts

  • Assistance with the provision of functional experts that can assist in advising and monitoring of the company’s specific functions
  • Outsourcing of the marketing team to devise and manage a marketing campaign for the company
  • Assistance in the operation of the company
  • Assistance in the compliance structuring and implementation of best practices
  • Guidance to best practice documents with regards to corporate governance, operations flow, control and monitoring


Outsourcing of part-time / full-time employees

  • Assistance with the recruitment process for part-time/ full-time employees
  • Assistance for the drafting of employment contracts
  • Staff can be outsourced for specific projects of client companies until the finalisation of projects