November 20, 2017

Rationale behind establishing Family Office in Mauritius

Why set up a family office?

  • For proper management and governance structures

Family Office structure ensure the dealing of the complexities of a family’s wealth transparently as well as aligning of family interests to help avoiding future conflicts.

  • Centralisation of businesses services

The Family Office structure will consolidate the management of the family’s investments and operations.

  • Centralisation of information and other services

All reporting is centralized through the Family Office, which becomes the main access point for the family’s global operations and for each member.

  • Centralisation of overall risk management

The Family Office will oversee the global operations and allow for operational review and consolidation of risk.

  • Professional management of the families’ wealth

Family businesses looking for proper structuration and professionals external to the family business to handle the family affairs and wealth.

At MITCO, we understand the importance and needs of family businesses to be fully supported and guided by a dedicated and professional team.  Our team is composed of experts with  international tax, regulatory, asset protection / succession planning knowledge who can successfully implement projects.

Our areas of expertise  

  • Investment Consulting and Advisory Services

        - Compliance and regulatory assistance
        - Risk Management Services

  • Governance & Financial Planning

       - Administration services
       - Succession planning
       - Reporting and record keeping
       -Accounting and tax compliance services
        - Philanthropic management 

  • Management and administration of day to day affairs

     - Life Management and Budgeting
     - Monitoring of acquisition of real estate property, boat/ yachts, cars
     - Application of all relevant permits including residence permits
     - Human Resources and Payroll services


  • Assistance with company set up and with the application of Family Office licence from the Financial Services Commission (FSC)
  • Assistance with the recruitment process and payroll of professionals
  • Assistance with the different functions required within the Family Office
  • Assistance with finding the right partners for the Family Office
  • Assistance in search of investments and financing

We invite you to contact our Business Development Team on or your relationship manager at MITCO for any further information that you may require on Mauritius Family Office Services and other services available within MITCO Group.