March 02, 2021

Farewell message from Wendy Kong

Dear Clients, Business Partners and Colleagues,


After more than 8 years at MITCO as the Head of Business Development and briefly as Consultant, I have taken the difficult decision to dedicate all my time to tax advisory services.


My experience at MITCO has been eventful following the various changes within Financial Services Industry in Mauritius in the past years. These changes include among others the India Double Tax treaty renegotiation, introduction of FATCA and CRS, BEPS Action Plans, Mauritius Tax reforms in 2018 and 2019, the Multilateral Instrument, the EU Blacklisting, and the COVID-19.


Nevertheless, working at MITCO has always been an exciting, enriching and most satisfying experience.  MITCO has truly been the University of Fiduciaries and the digitalization projects that shall be launched are very promising and interesting.  I look forward to witnessing the transformation of MITCO from a short distance.


MITCO being a member of the CIEL Group has also given a different dimension to my career.  CIEL Group is recognised as a serious, reputable, professional, trustworthy, and innovative Group with many success stories over more than 100 years of history.  It has been an honour to work within the CIEL Group and its finance cluster, CIEL Finance Ltd, alongside true professionals with solid track records internationally and locally.


Having worked for 20 years in the Financial Services industry and participating in its evolution, I can only reiterate that Mauritius, as an International Financial Centre,  has overcome many trials and threats which made the jurisdiction stronger, viable, resilient, compliant, and soon to be fully compliant with international standards.


Having chosen the path of advisory and tax advisory for the continuity of my professional career, I hope to contribute, even if it is a minute portion, in the success and recognition of the Mauritius business environment.


I sincerely thank you and the Management of MITCO for having shared memorable moments and for your unconditional trust and support.  May your future endeavours and projects be most successful.


Best regards,


Wendy Kong