February 26, 2021

Mauritius appointed as the African Group Coordinator at the World Trade Organisation

Mauritius has been appointed as the coordinator of the African Group at the World Trade Organisation (‘‘WTO’’).  The African group consists of all 43 African WTO members and provides a forum to exchange views on how best to improve Africa’s participation in the WTO’s multilateral trading system.


The role of the coordinator is to speak as one voice on behalf of Africa at the WTO, thus strengthening the negotiating influence of the continent on issues of common interest.  As coordinator, Mauritius will lead the African Group at Expert, Ambassadorial and Ministerial levels up to the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC12) that would tentatively take place in December 2021. 


Against the backdrop of the coming into force of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCTA), this position will give Mauritius an opportunity to increase its engagement with other African countries, particularly on their trade interest.


Source: The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry