June 17, 2021

National Budget 2021/2022 - Sustainability

Green Energy Industry


  • Government plans to produce 60 % of our country’s energy needs from green sources by 2030 and the use of coal will be totally phased out before 2030.
  • To achieve its objectives, the Central Electricity Board (CEB) will do the necessary investment in the next 3 years
  • The CEB will also allow for integrated green energy projects, combining the use of biomass, wind and solar energy.
  • The Government will enable companies and individuals to provide renewable energy directly to the CEB, if the price is below the maximum tariff set.
  • To enable households to purchase solar kits for domestic use, the DBM will provide a concessionary loan of 2% up to an amount of Rs 100,000.


Electric Vehicles


Over the last years, to encourage the use of electric vehicles the Government of Mauritius had made the purchase duty-free and reducing registration duty and road tax.


To continue to encourage the buying of electric vehicles:

  • 5% excise duty on Electric Vans of up to 180 kW used for the transport of goods will be removed
  • owners will be allowed to install a Photo Voltaic system not exceeding 10 kW to charge their vehicles and export any surplus to the grid.
  • Subsidies and incentives for the importation of diesel buses are being phased out.
  • Subsidy for the purchase of electric buses is being increased
  • Operators acquiring electric buses will be eligible to a lease under the Transformation Fund
  • the Government of Mauritius is purchasing 25 electric buses for the National Transport Company to renew its fleet.


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