September 22, 2022

Economic freedom of the world 2022: Mauritius remains the most economically-free country in Africa

In the latest Economic Freedom of the World report 2022 (“EFW 2022”) published by the Fraser Institute, Mauritius was flagged as the most economically-free country in Africa yet again and made a marked improvement on its worldwide ranking, positioning itself at the 9th place (2021: 1st in Africa and 11th worldwide).


The EFW 2022 assesses 165 countries and measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of economic freedom.

The degree of economic freedom is measured in five broad areas namely:


  • Size of Government,
  • Legal system and Property rights,
  • Sound Money,
  • Freedom to trade internationally and
  • Regulation. 


This year’s report also factors in an adjustment for gender disparity to consider the fact that in many nations women are not legally entitled to the same level of economic freedom as men.


The EFW 2022 consolidates Mauritius’ position as a country which promotes economic freedom through the implementation of the right support infrastructure and a sound legal framework.


To access the full EFW 2022 report, please click Here