September 22, 2022

Mauritius set to sign the SADC Protocol on Statistics

Mauritius will sign the SADC Protocol (the “Protocol”) on Statistics that would be the legal framework governing statistical activities in Member States of SADC.


The objectives of the Protocol include to:


  • serve as a legal framework for enabling and enhancing statistical development and innovation in SADC Member States;
  • promote a culture whereby policy, planning, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation of development processes at every level are informed and driven by good quality statistics;
  • strengthen harmonisation of compilation and dissemination of official statistics in Member States in order to make them relevant, timely and reliable for the purpose of assessing and measuring progress of regional integration; and
  • ensure harmonisation of standards and methodologies as per international best practices for production and dissemination of national and regional statistics.


For recall, Mauritius joined the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in 1995, becoming the 12th member state and the first island nation to join. The SADC provides duty free access or partial tariff reduction in other SADC Member States.