November 29, 2023

Development of a National FinTech Strategy for Mauritius

The Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance received the green light to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in order to secure, inter alia, technical support for the development of a National Fintech Strategy (the “Strategy”) for Mauritius.


The scope of work for the development of the Strategy would cover, among others, the following activities:


(a) an assessment of the current level of Fintech penetration, Fintech adoption and digital maturity, both at corporate and consumer levels; and


(b) a marketing strategy to promote Mauritius as a leading Fintech Hub and which should include an incentive package, both financial and non-financial, to attract companies and start-ups to set up in the Mauritius Fintech Hub to serve both Mauritius and Africa.


Having established itself as an International Financial Centre of excellence for the region, Mauritius is now poised to gear up to the next level and to position itself as a FinTech hub.  Over the years, the island has witnessed an increased interest from investors wishing to use Mauritius as a platform for their Fintech projects across Africa. 


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