October 31, 2023

Global Innovation Index 2023 (GII 2023): Mauritius retains top spot in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to the GII 2023, the flagship report of the World Intellectual Property Organization, groundbreaking technologies marked by the increased usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), supercomputing, novel science techniques based on biotechnologies and nanotechnologies continue to take the world by storm.  Nevertheless, amidst a difficult global backdrop where countries across the world are still reeling from the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, global innovation remains hampered.


Mauritius retains its 1st position in sub-Saharan Africa and occupies the 57th position worldwide.  It has also been reported that In the last four years, and since the pandemic started, Mauritius (57th), Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Pakistan have risen the most in rank (in order of rank progression)”.


The GII 2023 assesses the innovation landscape of some 132 countries and ranks them based on their annual performance. 


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