November 29, 2023

Mauritius enters the Smart City Index 8

Mauritius has entered the Smart City Index 8 for the first time in 63rd position.  This milestone is testament to the jurisdiction’s commitment to elevate its offerings and it further cements its position as a prominent global financial hub.


The Smart City Index (SCI) is a publication of the Z/Yen Group, and it is designed to track commercial and financial centres’ ability to create, develop, and deploy technology. It aims to measure how attuned centres and their regulatory systems are to attracting innovation and growth in Science, Technology, Energy Systems, Machine Learning, Distributed Ledgers, and Fintech.


Out of the 131 commercial and financial centers researched by the Z/Yen Group for the 8th edition of the SCI, only 77 were listed in the report since they had adequate number of assessments from survey respondents.


To access the full SCI 8 report, please click HERE