September 29, 2023

S&P reaffirms “investment grade” status of Mauritius | Moody’s upgrades Scorecard-indicated outcome of Mauritius to Baa1 – Baa3

On 21st July 2023, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) reaffirms the “investment grade” status of Mauritius.  It remains confident that Mauritius, as the only International Financial Centre in Africa to have such a status, will continue to attract GBC inflows.  S&P highlights that “Mauritius has over the past couple of decades also positioned itself as a global financial center, which is now significantly larger than that of peers in the region and approaching the size of more advanced global financial centers”.  Boasting an estimated USD 11,400 GDP per capita in 2023, Mauritius’ real GDP per capita growth is poised to be well above its counterparts i.e. those countries in the same GDP per capita category, according to S&P.


On 25th July 2023, Moody’s upgraded the Scorecard-indicated outcome of Mauritius to Baa1 – Baa3 (previously: Baa3 – Ba2) based on the economic growth achieved by the country in 2022 as well as an improved fiscal consolidation.


To access the official communiqué of the Bank of Mauritius on the above, please click here